Tour Leaders

Zahra Alabanza


Zahra 2

zahra is all about designing a life that allows her and her family to live according to as many of their own rules as possible. Currently residing, biking, farming and yoga(ing) in Atlanta, zahra’s life is one designed especially for her and her 2 children. It’s a magical existence.

zahra is the co-founder of the Atlanta chapter of Red, Bike and Green. She has planned and completed 2 long distance bike tours (one of which she pulled her then 5 year old along for the ride) as a founding member of the Spoke N’ Heart Collective. She rides a gifted fixed gear Fugi Feather named Pearl that moves her through space and time. Pearl allows zahra to expand her existence, live beyond, more, limitlessly and in touch with herself, community and the earth.

zahra see’s biking as a tool for communal and individual transformation as well as a means of building and rebuilding whole communities that are abundantly safe, confident, well(thy) and self determining.

At a ripe 33 years young, zahra is mastering the handstand and is in love with being.  And loving the life she has created for herself in Atlanta, GA is one of magic, curiosity


Paris Hatcher


Paris is a Black, queer feminist born and raised in the South.  A lover of life, travel, the earth, and all things magical, Paris is an organizer who imagines and builds transformative communities where all of us can thrive. She most recently shared eight growth filled years in Atlanta, GA as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, a woman of color community based reproductive justice organization.


Paris has planned and completed 4 amazing long distance bike tours, all which have solidified her commitment to bike tour till the wheels fall off.  She has the pleasure to be a founding member of Spoke N Heart Collective and Red, Bike and Green-Atlanta, two bike entities that know that changing the world is possible one pedal at a time. When not planning and plotting for you can find Paris hands in soil, riding her bike, Harriet, in heels, doing a shimmy with a stiff drink and short skirt, or loving on her folks and her darling Jack Russell, Audre.




Juliana  “Jewels”  Smith

Jewels bike

In 2009, Smith became one of the co-founders of Red Bike and Green‘s first chapter in Oakland, CA.  In that time, she has led over 30 community rides, documented many of the rides and helped to expand RBG’s influence beyond Oakland.   Smith’s experience organizing around cycling led her to found the first ever Clitoral Mass, a mass women‘s bike ride, in Oakland, CA in 2013.

In her free time, Smith enjoys running, reading, traveling, and plotting the revolution. You may also hear her talk about her other passion, writing and creating (H)afrocentric: the Comic.


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