Tour Overview

mike flo dpz cropTrip dates: August 16th-August 23

Start location: Washington DC

End Location: Afro Punk, Brooklyn, NY

Total Riding Days: 6

Orientation/Rest Days: 2

Total Days on the road: 8

Miles: 286

Level of Support: Support Vehicle

Surface: Paved

Riders: 20

Meals: Shared Cooking. Your group will share responsibilities for food purchase, preparation, and clean-up on a rotating basis. Vegetarian and special dietary needs will be accommodated, though food selection may be limited in some locations.

Lodging: Camping-Most of the overnights will be at private or public campgrounds with a range of amenities. Depending on the nature and location of the trip, these facilities could range from RV parks boasting hot tubs, to wilderness locations with no running water. Indoor facilities such as motels/hotels, hostels, and churches are used occasionally, but on our more remote trips, some primitive camping is possible. Overnight facilities vary, but tents are typically pitched on large, flat, grassy areas. Our tours require a good freestanding tent with a ground cloth, a sleeping bag rated appropriately for the season and elevation of your tour, and a sleeping pad.

Mechanics: Tours require a larger degree of mechanical self-sufficiency. You should have the tools and skills necessary to change flats and perform minor mechanical adjustments.

Tour Leaders:  zahra alabanza, Paris Hatcher and Jewels Smith

Download the RBG Bike Tour Packet HERE.

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